Arris will begin the process with a Kick-Off meeting attended by Core Project Team Members to establish team collaboration, discuss all aspects of the project, assign responsibilities, and establish communication protocol.  Project goals and parameters are communicated as well.

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The Programming Phase

Arris considers the planning process critical to the success of the project.  This phase involves establishing the project goals, gathering data, investigating process, and establishing the project requirements. Visioning Sessions are often included to establish goals and brand. A Programming Report documents the Discovery in written form. A preliminary budget and schedule is created based on project requirements.



The Schematic Design Phase

Arris designs space plans based on the approved program.  These plans articulate partitions, equipment and furniture locations, and the functional relationships for personnel and operations.  Arris also develops preliminary design and color concepts.  With the client’s input, plans will be revised for final approval.  

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The Design Development Phase

Arris fully develops the overall three dimensional design concept.  Arris utilizes plans, elevations and other materials to fully communicate the design intent.  Design intent includes architectural details, lighting, electrical, equipment, furnishings, and finishes.  With the client’s input, drawings will be revised for final approval. 



The Contract Document Phase

With the approved design, Arris prepares the Contract Documents needed to build the space.  These documents are the legal instrument utilized for permitting and contracting to trades, vendors, and suppliers.  The documents will include plans, elevations, details, legends, schedules, and specifications.  These documents shall be consistent with industry standards and, to the best of our knowledge and understanding, conform to applicable codes and regulations.



The Bid/Negotiation & Contract Administration Phase

Arris will assist in obtaining bids or negotiated pricing from qualified General Contractors.  Arris will provide clarifications to bidders and review pricing.  Once construction begins, Arris will assist with the construction and occupancy of the space assuring completion in a timely manner.  This will include regular site visits, progress meeting participation, and review of shop drawings and submittals.  Upon notification by the contractor of substantial completion, Arris will prepare a final punch list to be followed by the final inspection.